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great quotes number one

this envelope was brought to you by a displaced millenium and and unfathomable quote which has now been historically displaced by an artist.

wasn’t clifford the name of a slobby dog?

this envelope has been brought to you by the artist of the grooviest hair.

great quotes no.1 I

then suddenly I’ll smell what the neighbours are cooking but can’t eat that.

this envelope has been brought to yo by the artist debbie harman and her relationship with food and smell and the relationship between the sense of smell and taste and the evil cat, fluffy dog and free range guinea pigs.then suddenly i'll smell what the neighbours

Mind the gap

This envelope was brought to you by a small gap in time where I sat still at the computer. but in  other gaps between uploading and saving etc etc etc, I did draw a another cartoon for your reading pleasure.

The cartoon about – responses from my discussion about the party that was held in my house whilst I was absent and the awful things left behind, and why was I not angry? – more to be revealed when you read the cartoon ‘ zombies of the non-angry walk the earth,’ which of course will not be posted for another three months at least.

Patience is a virtue!!

till next time

love from a small gap in time

mind the gap