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melbourne based artist working in the fields of public art, ceramics, cartoons and painting.

It is so hard (most-times ) to part with the day.

it is so hard most times to part with the day


Hello! You have encountered The worm


The worm is a little website tour that worms its way through websites

about the work of Debbie Harman Qadri

It is part of the Ten days to the Island Festival

the next worm link is:

those insects like to keep you on yr toes

i let off those insect bombs that only the

those insects like to keep you on yr toes

someone said to me the other day, wouldn’t it be great if at the end of your life they presented you with statistics such as you know how many spiders you swallowed when you were asleep,

some people I’m sure would prefer not to know

how many cockroaches nibbled on yer toes,

how many millipedes ran through your socks,

how many weevils you swallowed in yr breadroll.