we interrupt this program to bring you a news flash


27th October was an auspicious day to launch our new range of wear for trees. Designers Reece Connor and Debbie Harman have struck a chord in Sunshine with their new range of easy to wear ‘Fancy Dress for trunk and leaves’. Established designers howl as this team hit the streets with their new range of accessible and affordable Haute Coutre.


How I tried to get to the sunshine hospital one day in a hurry, from sydenham, in the dark


I’m pretty sure that this is part of the dial 1800MADDY for drama this xmas series.

I’ve studied the map meticulously and who knows where I went that night. or why I think emergency had shifted to the back of the hospital. At least I’m good at pretending to be a relative and getting past the nursies. Let me know if you ever want to get through a door.

A year of envelopes was brought to you by a sunstroked teenager.

when you go away from your house . . . .

a year of envelopes has been brought to you by a busy october, who just realised that it was last busy october that she realised she had better do something about the piling up of un-opened envelopes.

Here they are again, in little stacks, in several places around the house.

perhaps I will go and draw them for you.

don’t forget to have a look at one of the reasons that I have no time to open envelopes: http://fillingthecrackswithconversation.wordpress.com/