get visitors of all ages back



a year of envelopes is a cartoon series about opening the envelopes.

brought to you by debbie harman

the pic below – get visitors of all ages back, is about the big push to get the community out of their houses and involved with things. The words come from an agricultural show catalogue in a centrefold of a newspaper, in a hotel, in Benalla.


My goodness isn’t the world interesting!

made in Benalla – act5om


act super5om alive

theres no shortage of opportunities

(not for he couch-surfer)



















a year of envelopes returning with gusto.

a year of envelopes is a project of using up every envelope that graces the mailbox for a year.  In an effort to read the mail and pay the bills. in an effort to act5om super alive!

brought to you by Debbie Harman

there’s no shortage of opportunities

(time to sit down with a cuppa!)